Welcome to my Weird Writings!

This is my world of weirdness, where you will encounter strange sights, bizarre creatures and surreal events. Sit down for a while and let me share with you some of my short stories and poems, tales of animals and monsters, tales of unusual beasts and creatures, tales of…well, tales about weird stuff. Look at the title.

Some of these stories and poems may include violence, foul language, crude humour and elements some readers may find disturbing.


Over 700 weird rhymes and poems exploring a whole host of strange and wacky character and settings.


A collection of over 100 prose stories, some of them even featuring characters introduced in poems.

The Weirdverse

A weird world full of weird characters. Read about the adventures of Derek the Shark, the Lemon Possum, Karl the Kangaroo and more!

The Supervillainverse

A comic-book-esque world gone wrong, full of mad scientists,  mutants and robots.

Christmas Index

A collection of festive stories and poems perfect for getting you into the holiday spirit.

evileasterbunnyEaster Index

Stories of springtime, animals, and even a few monsters here and there.

madhatterRecurring Character Index

Some characters need more than one story to shine.

wacoverMy Books

If you like my work here, there’s plenty more stories waiting for you.


Links to other works of mine.