Maisy the Happy Fairy


Once upon a time,
In a bright field of daisies,
There lived a lovely little fairy,
Her name was Maisy,

With her special wand,
She could conjure up joy,
Creating sweeties and sunshine,
For all to enjoy.

Whenever she spied
A place that seemed tragic,
She would banish the gloom,
With her own brand of magic,

One day she was dancing
Around a mushroom,
When an owl told her
About a forest of gloom.


A forest so dingy,
Filled with beetles and slugs,
Where bats lurked in the shadows,
And teenagers did drugs.

‘This is a place,
That sure gives me a fright!’
Said the owl, ‘Please go there,
And bring it some light!’

‘Okey-dokey,’ said Maisy,
‘I’ll make those woods happy!
From what you’ve told me,
It sounds really cra…zy.’

So off Maisy flew,
Holding her wand,
For it was to her,
What a gun was to James Bond.


She flew to the forest,
And boy, was it spooky,
It was all grey and nasty,
Not an iota of beauty!

‘This cannot do!’
Maisy did bellow,
She got out her wand,
Which zapped a beam bright yellow,

She turned thorns into flowers,
Spiders into bees,
She took all the darkness
And replaced it with glee!

Yet in seconds,
She saw her work undone,
All her colour vanished,
The woods once again glum.

‘How could this be?
Was it because of a spell?’
‘Yes it was,’ replied a voice
That sounded like Hell.


From behind a tree,
There appeared a thin creature,
With a long nose and sharp fangs,
But by far its worst feature,

Were its gigantic eyes,
All blazing and red,
It stared at dear Maisy,
And filled her with dread.

‘I am the guardian
Of this here wood,
Making sure it’s all dingy,
Because darkness is good!’

‘What do you mean?’
Protested our fairy,
‘There’s nothing good
About monsters so scary!’

‘But the whole world
Can’t be sunshine and bunnies,
Wouldn’t it be boring,
If everywhere were sunny!

Plus people like being scared,
They find it amusing,
So I must kindly ask you
To stop your abusing!

How would you like it
If I came to your home,
And made it a nightmare,
Where bats and ghouls roam?’


‘But everywhere should be nice!’
Maisy cried and complained,
She shrieked and she screamed,
Until she looked drained.

‘Some places should be nice,’
The creature explained,
‘But a good variety
Keeps us all entertained.

Now get out of my woods!’
And as he said that,
The creature kicked Maisy out,
And she fell with a splat!

So then Maisy decided,
To stop making things cheery,
And spent all her time at home
Watching The Big Bang Theory.



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