Ricky Raven


I’m certain that everybody’s heard, about a certain dismal bird,
Even those who find literature to be a bore,
Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven, who came upon a man so craven,
Invading his dear haven, perching upon his chamber door,
Bringing gloom and doom from the chamber door,
Saying naught but ‘Nevermore’.

Well, this bird that brought insanity, did you know he had a family?
Imagine not just one of him, but more and more and more,
Just like their predecessor, they brought fear and distress or
They would sit upon the dresser or any sort of door,
It was a family tradition to sit upon a door,
And tell the hopeless, ‘Nevermore’.


But the Raven’s great great grandson, he wanted to have fun,
He wanted to be a singer, and of that goal he was sure,
This young lad’s name was Ricky, and he found darkness so icky,
And it was so tricky for him to frown and say ‘Nevermore’.
‘Nope,’ said he, ‘No Nevermore,
‘Pop music and nothing more’.


This could not be farther from the wishes of his father,
Who one day approached his son and roared,
‘No son of mine will sing of sunshine,
‘You should be chilling spines and cause terror, I implore
‘You will sing these cheery songs no more,
‘I don’t want to hear them anymore.

‘Go to that asylum,’ said Dad, ‘Leave them crying!
‘Go and squawk and spread misery on every floor!’
Ricky said ‘Fine’ and then went inside,
And he mumbled and whined as he flew down the halls,
‘I don’t have to do this, I could be more,
‘With my songs, I could be more.’

He sang a tune that echoed through the rooms,
A song he had written a few weeks before,
But the song was so bad, the patients went even more mad,
They wept, they were sad, and they bellowed and roared,
‘This song is terrible, don’t have us hear anymore,
‘It stings us worse than “Nevermore”.’


Dad leapt for joy and cried, ‘That’s my boy,’
And Ricky actually felt better than he ever had before,
He had a new mission, and still was a musician,
But continued tradition of filling people with horror,
So you better beware of his musical score,
A sound more horrific than ‘Nevermore’.



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