The Lemon Possum 2

Once upon a time,
There was a man called Bob,
He liked to take food,
And shove it right down his gob.

His eating habits
Infuriated his wife,
One day she said, ‘Stop,
You are causing me strife!’

Bob said, ‘Come on Mary!’
Mary said, ‘Quiet!
Listen to me,
You’re now on a diet!’

No more fatty foods for Bob,
No more burgers or cakes,
Now he had to eat lettuce,
Fruit and protein shakes.

‘I’ve gotta do this,’
Said our fat little Bob,
‘This is for my wife,
She doesn’t want me a blob!’

‘Don’t listen to her,’
Came a voice from afar,
‘Step away from the veggies,
Go to the cookie jar!’

‘Who said that?’
Asked Bob, ‘Show yourself!
Are you a ghost or
A magical elf?’

‘Neither,’ said the voice,
‘I’m a being that’s awesome,
A creature that’s known
As the Lemon Possum!’


In a flash of smoke,
A yellow critter appeared,
Bob cowered away,
This was getting too weird.

‘Forget your diet,’ she said,
‘Your wife is a clod.
Observe my powers and
Make me your god!’

Bob almost left,
For he wasn’t a slave,
But before his eyes
Appeared something he craved,


A big chocolate cake,
With gumdrops and ice cream,
When he saw that bright sight,
His stomach did scream.

‘What are you doing!’
Mary barged into the room,
‘If you eat that,
You’ll be as big as the moon!’

‘Silence, you swine,
‘He belongs to me now,’
snarled the Lemon Possum,
‘To me he will bow.’


The possum flew at Mary,
With a knife in her hand,
But Mary kicked her in the belly,
And on the floor she did land.

The cake disappeared,
The Lemon Possum’s plan failed!
So Bob approached her,
And stomped on her tail.

‘Why did you do this,’
Bob asked the possum girl,
And then she replied,
‘To take over the world!

‘If everyone ate sweets,
If they all were obese,
They’d be too weak to stop me,
I’d do what I’d please!

‘I’ll take over the White House,
And 10 Downing Street,
While the Prime Minister and President,
Would be snacking on treats!’

‘I should have known,’ said Bob,
‘That you were evil!
But now I will stop you,
From harming more people!’

So Bob stuck to his diet,
And vowed to get thinner,
However, that night,
He had roast possum for dinner.



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