A Clown at Christmas


Once upon a time,
In a quiet little town,
In a snow-covered house,
There lived a clown.

Though it was nearly Christmas,
That festive time of the year,
His makeup and red smile,
Were stained by a tear.

He had wanted to be
In the town’s Christmas parade,
He wanted to march down the streets,
Passing out gifts homemade.

He wanted to juggle,
He wanted to have fun,
But it was not to be,
For he was hated and shunned.

‘Clowns are evil’, said the kids,
‘They’re such a horrible thing,
They’re such evil monsters,
Just ask Stephen King!’

The parade came and went,
There was dancing and glee,
But the clown stayed at home,
With his gigantic hanky.

All of a sudden,
There came a knock on his door,
The clown went to answer,
Though his eyes were so sore.

He opened the door,
And what he saw gave him pause,
Standing before him,
Was the Santa Claus.

‘I know how you feel,’
said Santa to the clown,
‘Children fear you,
And it makes you feel down,

‘But they’re scared of me too,
Even though I’m a sap,
Parents worry about children
Sitting on my lap,

‘Your kind are mocked and feared?
You think it’s just you?
I’ve been the villain
In horror flicks too!’

‘Wow,’ said the clown,
‘I feel better now,
I have a kindred spirit,
And in Santa Claus? Wow!’

Santa then said,
‘It’s a conspiracy, see?
To distract from the true
Threat to humanity.’

So then they joined forces,
Santa and the clown,
To stop the monsters
From destroying the town.