Daryl and Susie’s Christmas


Paul Barsby, my father, passed away suddenly and tragically on New Year’s Eve of cardiac arrest. He will be missed greatly by my family and I, and we are shocked and saddened.

Paul was not only a good father to me, but a good friend as well, and I greatly enjoyed his company. He had a wonderful sense of humour, and was very supportive towards me and my family.

This is a poem I wrote for him as a Christmas present, based on my webcomic Daryl and Susie. He enjoyed the comic, as well as my other writing, and I hope you enjoy reading this as well.


There’s a house in England,
Where there lives a strange thing,
It’s six foot tall and wears a hat,
And it’s a dragon with big wings,

His name is Daryl Blitherblot,
He’s from a fantasy land,
Where he was a witch’s servant,
Helping out her evil plans.

But then she was defeated,
So you know what Daryl did?
He moved to merry old England,
And adopted a kid.

Susie was her name,
This sweet little girl,
Oh wait, did I say sweet?
Biggest lie in the world.

You see, before Daryl’s boss was defeated,
She gave him a curse,
It would give her more minions,
But make Daryl’s life worse.

She cut open his skull,
But he didn’t end up dead,
Now when he got angry,
Monsters came from his head.

Susie knows all this,
And it makes her glad,
That she can get creatures
Through annoying her dad.

Christmastime is when
Our true story begins,
With Susie’s new present
Causing such a din.

A new games console,
Including ‘Martian Mash’
But because of this purchase
Daryl no longer had cash.

Daryl looked at the game,
And saw martians destroyed,
Such sadism is what he
Came here to avoid.

It reminded him of
When he was a sinner,
So he went to the kitchen,
To make Christmas dinner.

But he burned the turkey,
And he dropped the mince pies,
And he still heard more of that violence,
That he did despise.


So he fell to the floor,
Slowly going insane,
Then a ferocious beast
Emerged from his brain.

Now what to his reptilian
Eyes should appear,
But a creature resembling
A monstrous reindeer.

It tore up the kitchen,
That uncontrollable animal,
Daryl breathed fire,
But it wasn’t flammable.

Then it stared at Daryl,
With red eyes of course,
And Daryl froze,
Reminded of his old boss.

Then Susie appeared,
And saw the reindeer,
And in her eyes,
She showed no fear.

‘We should keep it as a pet,’
she said, ‘It’d be good.’
‘No way,’ replied Daryl,
‘He ate all the food!’


‘He didn’t!’ said Susie,
‘He should go the slammer!’
And from her back,
She pulled out a hammer.

She mashed the reindeer,
In three seconds flat,
She said, ‘From my game,
Is how I learned that!’

So then Daryl saw
Video gaming’s appeal,
Too bad he had to have
Spam for his meal.




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