The Evil Dr. Meow


There was an evil scientist,
Who would cackle, plot and curse,
Determined to make sure one day,
The whole world would be hers.

‘I’ve got the perfect plan,’ she said,
To her robot henchman Bert,
‘I’ll create a monstrous beast,
That’ll roar and maim and hurt!

‘I’ll mutate my cat,’ she said,
‘It’ll go in this machine,
It’ll go in a cute little thing,
But’ll come out big and mean!’

She brought out her kitty cat
And held it in her arms,
‘I can’t wait to see this thing
Go out and cause some harm!’

But the cat flew out of her arms,
And climbed onto a shelf,
It knocked chemicals onto the scientist,
Changing her whole self.

The cat had shed fur over her,
Yes, it had done that,
So the chemicals mutated her,
Into an anthropomorphic cat!

‘This cannot be,’ she said to Bert,
‘I’m supposed to be abominable,
A vicious evil scientist,
Not a cute lil’ animal!’

‘Don’t you worry, my mistress,
Don’t give up your ambition,’
said Bert, ‘I really think there are
Advantages to your condition.’

He explained what those would be,
Things horrible and vile,
‘Yes, that sounds interesting,’
Said the scientist with a smile.


So off she went and she cackled,
‘I’ll take over now!’
And she then rechristened herself,
The Evil Dr. Meow!

Superheroes would try to fight her,
But she’d send them home,
After she would shake a bit,
And get fur on their clothes.

She would take videos of herself,
And put them on the net,
And use them to distract people,
While she blew up a jet.

She brought people to their knees,
And she did it fast,
Soon it seemed the entire world
Would be hers at last.

Then one brave soul,
Stood before her evil,
And got out a weapon
That would save all the people.

Using this weapon,
He caused her to flee,
Never again to torture
The good and happy.

Yes, this weapon,
It really did cream her,
This mighty weapon,
The vacuum cleaner.


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