The White Rabbit’s New Job


Have you read about Wonderland?
That world strange and magic?
Well, there’s a creature from there,
Whose life was quite tragic,

Everybody knows about
The White Rabbit,
Who was late all the time,
It became a bad habit.

And he had a good job,
A herald for the Queen,
And it paid rather well,
Even if she was mean,

But he arrived late,
One too many times,
And the Queen shook the ground,
When she bellowed, ‘YOU’RE FIRED!’

So now the Rabbit had no job,
And he lost Mary-Anne,
For he had no money,
He had to sell his gloves and fan,

But he wasn’t beaten,
No, not just yet,
‘I’ll go a-travelling,
A new job I’ll get!’

So away he hopped,
And now he would roam,
Away from Wonderland,
Away from his home,

He’d go to other lands,
But not for a vacation,
To make a new start,
And find a vocation.

He met an owl and a pussycat,
That had a pea-green boat,
They hired him to serenade them,
As their vessel did float,

The White Rabbit had a new job,
But he lost it quick,
Because when the boat set sail,
He got…


One day he hopped by,
A great big shoe,
Out popped an old woman,
‘I have a job for you!’

The Rabbit said, ‘Really?
What have you got?’
He hopped away when the answer
Was ‘Get in the pot!’

Soon he found himself in the
Magical Land of Oz,
The biggest fantasy world
That there ever was,

‘I’ll get a job here,
And this is where I will live,’
said the Rabbit, ‘This place
Must have so much to give!’

But there, wicked witches,
Tried to make him die,
And there were constant tornados,
And houses fell from the sky.

He delivered for Red Riding Hood,
But almost got eaten by a wolf,
He made porridge for the three bears,
But got fur in their bowls.

But he found a new job,
One that couldn’t fail,
And it wasn’t for a
Character in a fairy tale.

So if you want to make him happy,
Give a welcome that’s hearty,
And hire him to perform
At your kid’s birthday party.



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