The Joke Shop


Welcome to the Joke Shop,
The best joke shop in town,
It has everything and more,
For the aspiring clown.

We have all the classics,
Squirting flowers and bowties,
But our more expensive wares,
Those can warp your mind.

Do you see this special hat?
Let me take it off the shelf,
When somebody wears this hat,
They think they’re someone else,

Plop it onto your friend’s head,
And many laughs you’ll get,
When he thinks he’s Churchill
Or Marie Antoinette.

Write a story on this computer,
Any type will do,
Then you press this button,
And all will believe it true.

Your story will get reported as fact,
The 10 o’clock news it’ll make,
And everyone but you and me,
Won’t know that it’s fake.

If there’s someone you despise,
And you want him gone,
Why not buy this policeman?
He’s a lot of fun,

He’ll arrest your foe for crimes,
He won’t even have committed,
All will believe the policeman though,
So your foe won’t be acquitted.

So come on down to the Joke Shop,
Just give it a whirl,
We have jokes and tricks and pranks,
That’ll change the world.


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