The Funny Robot

I’m a scientist, and one day I thought,
The world is much too vile,
So I’ll build a great machine
That would make people smile,

So I made a robot,
One who would tell jokes,
One to make the people laugh
And also give them hope.

I got every joke book I could find,
And put them in his brain,
As well as movies and TV shows,
So he knew how to entertain.

His brain was filled with the thoughts,
Of comedians old and new,
A bit of Charlie Chaplin,
And some WC Fields too.

I then activated my robot,
Flicked the switch right on his back,
And as soon as I did,
He laughed and laughed and laughed.

‘So you have a sense of humour,’
Said I, ‘Now for a test,
You must now tell me a joke,
Come on, tell your best!’

The robot turned to me with a smile,
And he grabbed my throat,
And he said, ‘The human race,
Now that’s the biggest joke!’



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