The Scarecrow and Mrs Hen


“Come on over to Harry’s Farm,
Yessir, come on down,
For y’all know that we sell,
The best darn eggs in town!’

That’s what Farmer Harry said,
And it was no lie,
The eggs he sold were tasty,
Be they scrambled, boiled or fried,

He had the best eggs,
So nice and finger-lickin’,
And he had the best eggs,
Because he had the best chickens.


The best egg-layer,
Was called Mrs. Hen,
Thus she got lots of glory,
And she got lots of friends,

One chicken called Bessie,
Was an especially big fan,
Said Hen’s eggs deserved to be
In all frying pans.

One dark, foggy night,
Hen couldn’t sleep,
Because she swore outside,
She could hear someone creep.

So off she went,
Out of the henhouse,
Towards the source of the noise,
It couldn’t be a mouse.


The farmer’s scarecrow,
In the field of wheat,
Had gotten off its pole,
And now stood on its feet.

It then turned its head,
And walked towards Mrs. Hen,
Our dear chicken fainted,
Because she was so frightened,

When she came to,
It was a bright, sunny day,
And Hen knew that she
Had more eggs to lay.

She was sure she lay eggs,
That she would swear,
Yet when she looked in her spot,
There was nothing there.

She tried and she tried,
But eggs there came none,
‘I’m sure I laid eggs,
Where could they have gone?’

Bessie was shocked,
‘How could this be?
My heroine missing eggs,
Is shocking to me!’

Hen said to herself,
‘Oh, wait, I know,
This must be the work
Of that evil scarecrow!’

That night, Mrs Hen,
Stayed wide awake,
Waiting for the scarecrow,
And the move he would make,

Sure enough, the Scarecrow
Came that night,
And Mrs Hen got ready
To put up a fight.

‘Calm down,’ said the Scarecrow,
‘It’s not me you should be fearing,
For I know why your eggs
Have been disappearing!’


He lifted up a floorboard,
And there was a machine,
Being operated by
None other than Bessie,

For Bessie was a spy,
Sent from Larry’s Farm,
To her boss’ arch-rival,
She would cause lots of harm,

For the machine teleported,
The eggs Mrs Hen laid,
Over to Larry’s,
So Bess would get paid.

‘Hey, stop that!’
Mrs Hen yelled to Bessie,
Bess’ response was simply,
‘Make me!’

The Scarecrow grabbed Bessie,
Stared at Hen’s biggest fan,
Then opened his mouth,
Revealing rows of sharp fangs.



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