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A Horrible Wail

All I wanted was to be left alone.

I didn’t want to hurt the humans or scare them or anything like that. I just wanted to live my life in the woods, chasing the wildlife and eating whatever food I could find. By food, I don’t mean humans, keep in mind. My plan was to leave the humans alone, and I hoped they would leave me alone.

I was a monster, however. I had sharp fangs, sharp claws and even a sharp tail. Even though I was more or less the same size as them, the humans feared me. Try as I might to keep away from them, the humans kept coming for me. They, convinced I would devour them or kidnap their children, hunted me, along with other monsters. Day after day, they would seek me and try to kill me.

I’ve tried to speak to the humans. I’ve tried to tell them I don’t want to kill them, tried to tell them to just leave me alone. They didn’t understand me, however. Whenever I tried to talk to them, all they heard was, as they called it, “a horrible wail”. So, though I pleaded them to go away, they carried on hunting me.

Their weapons couldn’t harm me, however. Bullets bounced off my skin, swords and blades broke in two when they came in contact with my skin. For a while, when I was certain they couldn’t actually kill me, I just let them attack, in hopes that they’d give up and let me get on with my life.

Then they brought in the witch. She walked towards me, and I, thinking – hoping – she would use conventional weapons, made a threatening pose in hopes of scaring her off. I even tried to tell her to go away, but again, she heard “a horrible wail”.

The witch waved her fingers, and in an instant, my skin seemed to turn softer and harder at the same time. It felt like it had lost its strength and was more vulnerable, but I couldn’t move my limbs. I couldn’t change my expression. My tail no longer swayed. I was frozen.

I had been turned into a statue.

I could, however, still speak. My mouth was left wide open, so I tried calling for help from other monsters, if they were nearby. None were nearby and the humans just heard that horrible wail.

The witch had further plans for me. She took me to another dimension; one where there were humans, but monsters like myself were considered only fairy tales. The humans there saw me and saw only a statue. I was thus put on display, placed in the middle of a dark room filled with cobwebs, spiders and even a skeleton. The webs, spiders and skeleton were fake, but it would still make me wince if I could.

In this room, humans would periodically pass me, laughing at me, pretending to be frightened of me. The only thing worse than people being frightened of you is them pretending to be frightened; at least the former gives you some power.

I tried to remember the days I could move, when I would run around the sunny forest in search of food, the few happy moments without humans. My eyes had been forced open, and I couldn’t close them to distract myself with dreams. I had to look at the chortling, sadistic humans passing by me. When I was mobile, I wasn’t violent, yet I wanted to run towards the people and rip them to shreds, which made my stationary body ache all the more.

The only relief I got was from screaming and shouting. Crying for help in the vague hopes that someone would come for me.

The humans in this dimension didn’t understand me either. Yet they didn’t call my speech “a horrible wail”.

They called it a “ghost train siren”.

Loch Ness Cereal

When I was a kid,
Seven years at least,
I loved the supernatural,
Ghosts, monsters and beasts.

I believed in UFOs,
Creatures big and small,
But the Loch Ness Monster,
Was my favourite of them all.

A giant sea-serpent,
That had never been found,
And though I saw no sign of Nessie,
Nor did I hear her make a sound,

I loved  to read about her,
Her mystery gave me joy,
And when I went to bed at night,
I had a cuddly Nessie toy.

And then I saw a cereal,
With a cartoon Nessie on the box,
‘A Loch Ness Monster cereal,’ I thought,
‘That really rocks my socks!’

Yes, Loch Ness Cereal it was called,
That set my heart alight,
The box promised a ‘little bit
Of Loch Ness in every bite!’

I begged my mum to buy me it,
And buy me it she did,
The next morning, I opened it,
And I was a happy kid,

‘Til out from the box came an eyeball,
One gigantic and round,
It seems the Loch Ness Monster,
Had actually been found.