Loch Ness Cereal

When I was a kid,
Seven years at least,
I loved the supernatural,
Ghosts, monsters and beasts.

I believed in UFOs,
Creatures big and small,
But the Loch Ness Monster,
Was my favourite of them all.

A giant sea-serpent,
That had never been found,
And though I saw no sign of Nessie,
Nor did I hear her make a sound,

I loved  to read about her,
Her mystery gave me joy,
And when I went to bed at night,
I had a cuddly Nessie toy.

And then I saw a cereal,
With a cartoon Nessie on the box,
‘A Loch Ness Monster cereal,’ I thought,
‘That really rocks my socks!’

Yes, Loch Ness Cereal it was called,
That set my heart alight,
The box promised a ‘little bit
Of Loch Ness in every bite!’

I begged my mum to buy me it,
And buy me it she did,
The next morning, I opened it,
And I was a happy kid,

‘Til out from the box came an eyeball,
One gigantic and round,
It seems the Loch Ness Monster,
Had actually been found.



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