Even More Nightmare Rhymes

Nightmare Rhymes
More Nightmare Rhymes


Old Doctor Hubbard,
Got out from the cupboard,
Some organs, some skin and some bones,
Then she put together,
Her best project ever,
A little dog of her own!


Hickory Dickory Dock,
Beware the Monstrous Clock,
It’ll eat your head,
And make you dead,
Hick Dickory Dock.


Ding Dong Bell,
There’s something in the well,
What’s coming out?
It has fangs and a snout!
What’s it gonna do?
It’s coming after you!


There was a man called Peter,
He was a pumpkin eater,
He saw a pumpkin-headed woman,
And then he tried to eat her.

The woman said, ‘You sinner,
Don’t think you’ll be a winner,
I’ll slice you into ribbons,
And have you for my dinner!’


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