Christmas with Danny the Camel and Julie the Rat

This story features two characters from my book Barking Benjamin, a dancing camel who escaped from a circus and a rat who is an aspiring musician. This is not canon with the book, however.


It was nearly Christmas,
It would come really soon,
Yet Danny the camel,
Was feeling quite blue.

He had Christmas spirit,
Indeed he had that,
But no gift for his best friend,
Julie the rat.

What to get her, he thought,
Would should I give?
I gotta have something
To surprise her with.

He had no money,
And couldn’t go the store,
But would they have what
A rat would be looking for?

Maybe a new guitar,
thought he, that would be a good plan,
but then again, I can’t make one,
I don’t have any hands.

He walked along a road,
Thinking and thinking,
When he came up blank,
His stomach was sinking.

Just then he saw something
Lying on the ground,
A half-eaten chocolate bar,
That’s what he found.

He picked it up with his mouth,
But he didn’t eat,
Just then, Julie arrived,
And said, ‘What a feast!’


She ate it all up,
And gave Danny a kiss,
‘Thank you, my friend,
What a wonderful gift!

‘Now to give you my present,
Do with it as you please!’
What was Danny’s present?
An old lump of cheese.


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