The Singing Snake

I have a pet snake,
He’s scaly and green,
He may hiss and eat mice,
But he’s not at all mean,

In fact, we’re best friends,
We’re pals, him and me,
I take his tank to the sofa,
So we can watch TV.

We watch nail-biting dramas,
And we watch comedies,
But there’s one type of show,
That’s very special indeed.

We watch music shows,
We watch rock and roll bands,
We watch people singing,
As the crowd clap their hands,

When we watch those shows,
My snake sings along too,
If you heard his voice,
It would enchant you,

Using a branch as his mic,
He sings many a song,
He has them all memorised,
He doesn’t get the words wrong.

So I entered him into
A talent show,
Put him on stage,
So everyone would know,

He was just as good as
The biggest of bands,
He sang in front of everyone,
And he got lots of fans.

A little too many,
I might add,
Because then something happened,
Which was rather bad,

The day after the show,
My house was invaded,
My windows were broken,
And the kitchen was raided,

Thousands and thousands,
Of snakes in my abode,
All fans of my pet,
Who they loved a load.

The lady snakes all loved him,
They thought he was nice,
The crowds all gave him their food,
Mountains of dead mice.

I’m glad that so many creatures,
Love and adore my pet,
It’s just a shame that in my own home,
I have to watch my step.


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