The Little Shark – Chapter 10

Gwen viewed the ferocious confrontation first-hand.

Using one of her mind-reading helmets, she saw what those two opposing sides were doing. Derek was frightened of this beastly creature, actually upset by the words he spoke of. The Dark Side, ‘Evil Derek’ for lack of a better name, actually had the upper hand. It was his domain, his arena, his world. Derek didn’t stand a ghost of a chance.

As she viewed the clash of the titans, she hung her head, shaking it slowly. She had turned Derek human, and he had just entered this battle to become more human, for happiness, for love. It was Gwen’s experiments had made Derek’s vicious alter ego more feral, and therefore more powerful. Derek’s new form was more lax than his previous, which almost guaranteed death.

If the former shark was to die, Gwen would be to blame. She actually thought he could control it. She had helped the darkness of Derek’s soul gain victory.

How could she have been so stupid

Samson approached her on those little mechanical legs of his, his head held high in hopes his mother would do the same. All he got in response was to be batted away by a webbed hand.

Gwen’s thoughts during the fight made her remember her nightmares, her doubts, her great grandmother. She was remembered as one of the greatest sea-witches of all time, because of when she made a mermaid human to help her gain love, and an immortal soul.

Gwen was told the whole story when she was young. Stories like those were to help her be proud of her sea-witch heritage, and to influence her to do similar things. This certain story was to remind her that sea-witches always put a price on their spells and ‘experiments’.

Ever since she heard about that experiment, the same image played through her mind throughout the years.

A beautiful human, once a mermaid, stood on the ship, remembering the magnificent, jubilant time she had first become human. Now she was going to lose her life at the first ray of sunlight. She stared into the sky, awaiting the sunrise, knowing that she was doomed to never have the soul she had wanted.

Her beloved prince had enjoyed the wedding, and his bride. They had danced the night away, having the time of their lives, neither of them giving a single thought towards the mermaid. Was this her reward for saving the princes life?

The former mermaid then saw her sisters rising out of the ocean. Their hair once waved in the wind, but now it had been cut short. They gave her a knife, and a reason to use it. If she was to survive, she had to murder the prince she had admired, thrusting the knife into his heart. She would revert to her original form, and continue her original 300 year lifespan. This information was courtesy of the Sea-Witch, who had cut the hair as payment.

The former mermaid entered the prince’s sleeping quarters, laying eyes on who she thought was her true love. She kissed his forehead, and stared at the sky one more time to remind her that time was running out. She heard the prince mention his wife’s name in his sleep, which should have fuelled her anger. She rose the knife in the air, ready to kill.



She wasn’t going to murder the one she loved, even if it was to prolong her underwater life. She darted outside, and threw the knife into the ocean. She sighed, and threw herself in the ocean with it, her body slowly disintegrating.


Gwen wasn’t going to let that happen to Derek. She just didn’t want him to die like the mermaid, hopes of gaining love lost forever. Her great grandmother had actually done something in hopes of preventing the mermaid’s death, something to help her.

She took off her helmet and paced about the room, pondering on a plan.


She was the one Derek loved, the figure that made Derek love humanity. Her presence and support would build Derek’s confidence, hopefully enough to make him overpower his dark side.

But then she remembered the Sea-Witch Rules. Didn’t it forbid revealing the sea-witch species? She picked up the book again, and was relieved when she reminded herself of Rule 35:

A Sea-Witch must not reveal herself to a human, UNLESS IT IS NECESSARY.’

Clearing up the questions Jenny undoubtedly held in her mind, which would help her understand why she must save Derek, seemed necessary to Gwen. This might also cause Jenny to love Derek more, as it would give her a better understanding of his emotions. Derek wrote down her address, so Gwen knew where she was going to find her. With this idea, Gwen ran to Derek, awake after facing the vicious fiend, and told him to wait.


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