The Little Shark – Chapter 12

She had failed.

She placed the ‘psychic helmet’ on a table and stared at where Derek was. His body lay there, unmoving.

‘Derek,’ was all she managed to say.

Well, at least that vicious, demonic side of him was gone as well.

The body came to life.

It turned around, grinning a vicious grin and laughed.

He laughed at her.

It was him.

Of course, Jenny shuddered in the corner, expecting the beast to rip her head off, but…

He walked away.

She followed him into Gwen’s kitchen, and saw him holding a sharp gleaming knife. Stopping in her tracks, Jenny waited for him to use that knife against her, but he did…something else…


Those were his parting words.

He shoved the knife into his own heart, and died right in front of her.

As he fell to the floor, blood staining the checkerboard pattern, Jenny stood with wide eyes, tears dripping down her cheeks.

This mess was all because he had been born a shark. He probably would have been happier if he had been born human, or even if he had been born a mouse or a rabbit. Maybe he should have been born a rabbit. He’d be cuter.

That schizophrenic shark. That experiment of an insane green alien. The puppet of a demonic monster. It had entered her school, spoke with her, befriended her. And she had watched him die.

A water-snake with mechanical legs entered, and Jenny was not surprised at all. It stared for a while before exiting. Yes.

As Jenny tortured herself with her many thoughts, she heard the loud, furious sounds of breaking glass in the other room. Instantly running to the source of the noise, Jenny saw Gwen, doing everything in her power to destroy the machine which had caused Derek’s transformation. She was screaming and shouting angrily, her insanity showing once more.

She turned towards Jenny, calming down and wrapping her scaly arms around the young woman. Her face was wet with tears, which made her scales shimmer in the light.

Gwen explained to Jenny that she was getting letters telling her to shut down the fish-to-human project. Many had bought her machines, but the fish who became humans were too ‘inhuman’ and did such acts as stealing fish food, attempting to perform tricks, staring at opening and closing chests, and trying to return to the sea, causing them to die. Many people were also accusing Gwen of ‘meddling in God’s domain’. Gwen told Jenny she wanted to destroy all traces of the experiment.

‘I see,’ was Jenny’s only response.

‘I suppose you want to go home now,’ said Gwen. ‘The tube’s over there.

Jenny neared the tube, leaving Gwen to think about what she had brought upon Derek and others of ‘his kind’. As Jenny spiralled through the passageway, she swore she could have heard, ‘I may have failed this time, but the great Gwen Wickiton will always bounce back! MUA HA HA HA HA HA!’

After a frantic ride, Jenny plopped back on the beach, feeling the sand crunch under her shoes. As she walked home, facing the cold breezes blowing in her face once again, she began to wonder if there was anything positive about Derek’s demise. Dying a human was part of his dream, Jenny thought. Maybe he wanted to die with her love, as he was afraid she may pick someone over him. It was his own choice too. He asked the dark side to do it and he got it. He got what he wanted. He won.

Jenny’s constant thoughts concerning Derek and his untimely death caused her to have a hard time getting to sleep that night. There was an entire mixture of emotions circling within her gut. Emotions of regret that she was not able to save Derek, emotions of content that Derek actually wanted to die at that time, emotions of pity towards Gwen and her lunacy, emotions of pure hatred for the wicked mental beast in Derek’s mind and emotions of confusion, as she still can’t believe that her boyfriend was a fish.

Jenny chuckled at herself. Just don’t think about it. It was all a bad dream.

As Jenny struggled to get to sleep, her windows suddenly blew open, despite the fact that they were locked. A sudden chill ran down her spine. More of this supernatural crap?

She walked to the window where the air was blowing, feeling like she had entered a scene in Wuthering Heights. Staring at the night-time environment, she let the air wash over it. It seemed to wipe away her guilt, her anger, her pain.

A transparent, gauzy shark floated outside her window. Derek, in his true form. Jenny stared into his ghostly eyes, which seemed to show compassion and sympathy rather than pure killer instinct. She tried to reach out to hug him, but could not touch him.

I was a shark.

I was a human.

Now I am something more.

There was a mermaid before me who became human, who died, but she was given a second chance due to a sacrifice she made for the one she loved. I was given that same second chance, free of that monster that lived in my head.

Sharks don’t have souls. I was given a chance to gain one, through becoming what was called “a son of the air”, going around, doing good deeds. Most people could not see or hear me, but some could.

I spoke to Acacia. She apologised to me and I told her I forgave her.

I spoke to Gwen. I spoke words of comfort to her, as well as those of encouragement towards her next experiment.

I spoke to Jenny. I told her I love her.



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