Daryl and Denise – Chapter 15


The booming laughter made Coover’s ears sting as he lay in the dungeon of the mighty Sam Wich. That raucous cackling was terrific indeed, but Coover did not let that deter him from his quest. This menace had been causing terror all over Kirkalan and there was a need for him to be vanquished.

After a short while, the door burst open, revealing the source of the laughter; a tall man, donning a colourful robe. Sam Wich. With a cry of confidence, Coover lunged for the monster, only to be stopped by several blobs leaping at him. Coover fell on his back as a blob, resting atop his stomach, licked its lips.

‘Hello,’ said the wicked man, ‘I am the mighty Sam Wich. You are not an uppercrust figure are you? You are a farmer, correct?’ Coover nodded. ‘You plant…vegetables.’ With the slow utterance of that final word, Sam Wich grabbed Coover by the collar and threw him to the floor. ‘There are far more delicious things available to eat, such as…’ With another flash of magic, two giant pieces of bread appeared, trapping the serf within them. ‘Now, my little pets,’ continued Sam, turning to his blobs, ‘Here’s your meal of the day!’

‘Not so fast!’ In an instant, Sam Wich fell on top of his babies, the latter squirming under the former. ‘Bread? That’s your symbol?’ came the voice of the figure. ‘That is pathetic.’ It sounded soft and female.

Looking from behind a piece of bread, Coover watched Sam Wich attempt to lift himself up, only to be held up by a mysterious figure. After Sam Wich was slammed into a wall, the figure moved onto the blobs, picking them up and throwing them against their master.

Having escaped from the bread, the boy crept towards his saviour. A dragon.

‘Monster!’ Coover pointed at the dragon’s face. ‘I may not have been able to defeat Sam Wich, but I will defeat you!’

‘Oh, for the love of…’ The dragon held Coover by the collar, just as Sam Wich had done a second ago. ‘You defeated Aosoth, I expect better from you!’

‘Of course I was the one who vanquished her, like I will vanquish you!’

Rolling her eyes, the dragon grabbed Coover by the arm, flying him through the castle walls. ‘Look, I’m saving you. I’m good.’

‘Ha! More likely you will be bringing me to your lair to feast on my flesh, as your kind is so often wont to do. But I, Coover, will not let that happen! I will slay you, and –‘

‘We’re out,’ said the dragon, gesturing towards the sunshine. Plopping Coover on the ground, she flew off.

Her name was Sasha. Daryl and Sasha. That sounded a little nice.

Despite Daryl’s dearth of money, they were going out to a rather elegant restaurant, that was even quite far away from his flat. Despite slight trembling telling him that he might not be able to afford this, Daryl still found himself staring at his surroundings. Regal red dominated the walls, with a shining chessboard pattern for the floor. Given the usual grey of this world, Daryl embraced the surroundings here. He had always wondered what the king’s castle must have looked like, and this, he thought, might be it.

A waiter, a tall man whose black and white appearance made him stick out in his surroundings, served them their food. Spaghetti. It looked like brains, like tentacles…

He turned to Sasha, the human in the black dress. With her long hair and pale skin, she looked a lot like the Princess of Kirkalan. She wasn’t the princess though; she apparently worked at the bank, and was also a dogsitter. Imagine if she were the princess though, sent here to keep an eye on Daryl to make sure he doesn’t cause more destruction.

‘S-so,’ said Daryl, sticking his fork into the spaghetti. Sasha really did look like the princess. ‘Have you seen anything good on TV at all?’

‘Well,’ said Sasha after taking another bite of her spaghetti. ‘I did see “Let’s Ridicule Everything” last week and I did think that was pretty funny…but, you know, haven’t had much time for TV recently. Work and things. I’m just glad I can take a break for once.’

‘Yeah,’ said Daryl, looking at the chandelier above him. ‘I try to clear my mind sometimes…’

‘I have way too much to think about,’ said Sasha, ‘I mean, there’s a promotion I really want to get, and there’s the whole economy, and all the stuff you read in the papers. Can you believe what happened to that kid in Warrington?’

While Daryl hadn’t heard that particular story, he still nodded and smiled. ‘And I hear last week, some person got attacked. Kinda makes you wish you could have saved him.’

‘Well,’ replied Sasha with a smile, ‘you are a dragon, aren’t you? You could fly in, burn the bad guys to a crisp and save the day.’ At this, Daryl tapped a claw on his chin. ‘I wouldn’t try it though, you’d get arrested in seconds. There’s a reason there aren’t a lot of dragons here. No offense.’

‘None taken,’ said Daryl, a response he had heard on television once, ‘But I don’t think we should be talking about this stuff.’

‘Yeah.’ And so they both ate their spaghetti, without a further word said between them until they ordered dessert. Then they had a brief chat about politics, where Daryl tried to absorb any information he could, before it was time for him to take her home.

‘I’ll call you,’ Sasha had said, and yet the next week passed with Daryl’s phone being completely silent.


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