Fred the Vampire Fox


There once was a fox,
His name was Fred,
He didn’t eat chickens,
But he’d feast instead,

Upon human beings
For he sucked their blood,
Yes, Fred was a vampire,
Which he thought was good,

Vampires can’t go out,
During the day?
Fred thought, well,
I’m nocturnal anyway.

Most foxes live in holes,
Fred lived in a castle,
And when fox hunters,
Would cause his kind hassle,

He’d invite them to his home,
And take them inside,
But only so he could
Feed them to his brides,

Fred’s reign of terror,
Was well-known by all,
From the humans so big,
To the mice that were small,

Something else knew as well,
And it made him mad,
He marched towards Fred,
Who cried, ‘This is bad!’

For this certain something,
Was bigger and stronger,
Than Fred who couldn’t
Stay around for much longer,

So away flew Fred,
Gone for all time,
Terrified by a werewolf,
The scarier canine!


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