The Easter Bunny’s a Mad Scientist


The Easter Bunny’s a mad scientist,
Who works in a mad lab,
True, there he makes chocolate,
Eggs for kids to grab,

But there’s other things he makes,
He looks for a new way,
To deliver the sweets to kids,
On Easter Sunday,

One year he made robots,
To give eggs to boys and girls,
But they all went haywire,
And tried to rule the world,

That might have been a failure,
But he’s got something new this year,
A new and efficient way,
To spread chocolate far and near,

For just last month,
He paid a visit to a farm,
In order to create a monster,
That would have a festive charm,

He grabbed a big fat hen,
And fed her a strange potion,
The hen, she shook and clucked and screamed,
Then there was an explosion,

The Easter Bunny laughed in glee,
At the creature he did make,
The hen still had an avian head,
But her body was like a snake.

She was also a giant,
Sporting dragon wings,
She now sported twenty legs,
And little spiky things,

But how can this creature,
Do the Easter Bunny’s job?
Well, she now can shoot
Easter Eggs out of her gob.

So the night before Easter,
Before you go to bed,
Open your bedroom window,
For soon a big hen head,

Will poke through and barf Easter eggs,
All over the floor,
(Though seeing that, you may not
Want to eat them anymore).


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