The Lemon Possum’s Evil Easter


This poem features the Lemon Possum, who has previously appeared in these two poems.

Late on Holy Saturday night,
In a deep, dark wood,
Around a bubbling cauldron,
A pink-furred creature stood,

He had large antlers,
Resting on his head,
He also looked like yoghurt,
Made from a fruit that’s red,

He was planning something bad,
Evil he’d let loose,
For he was a nasty monster,
He was the Strawberry Moose!

‘Midnight draws near,’
He said with narrowed eyes,
‘And when it comes, that is when
My mistress will arise!’

Midnight came, Easter Sunday,
From the cauldron came a claw,
The Moose’s spell had worked,
The Lemon Possum lived once more!

‘Oh, Strawberry Moose, you did it,’
She said with a toothy grin,
‘Now that I’ve been resurrected,
Our reign of terror can begin!

‘It’s the perfect time for our attack,
For it’s Easter Day,
Let us travel far and wide,
And bring forth tooth decay!’

So the Lemon Possum and the Strawberry Moose,
Went from home to home,
Stuffing each full of mountains of chocolate,
Along with cake and ice-cream cones.

‘Come sunrise, everyone
Will proceed to stuff their face,
And I, the Lemon Possum,
Will rule the human race!’

She laughed at this idea,
Which she found so funny,
Then she and the Moose,
Ran into the Easter Bunny!

‘Ah, the Easter Bunny,
Like us, you give out sweeties,’
Said the Possum, ‘Join us,
And we’ll give all di…’

 ‘No!’ cried the rabbit,
‘I’m not like you at all!
The amount of sweets I give out
Is relatively small!

‘Besides I don’t always
Munch on chocs and sweets,
Most of the time I prefer
A different kind of treat!’

He conjured up a carrot,
And then he conjured more,
The Possum and Moose screamed,
‘This is something we abhor!’

They were scared,
So they ran away,
But they’ll be back,
Another day,

So eat your Easter eggs,
After the bunny’s been,
But don’t forget, after that
Be sure to eat your greens.


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