The Ringmonster


If it’s a cold, dark night,
And you’re taking a stroll,
And you hear a voice crying,
‘Roll up, roll…’

And you see a strange figure,
One green and fat,
With a red jacket,
And a big top hat,

And little demons follow him,
Wherever he may go,
Then you’ve met the Ringmonster,
And you’re the star of his show.

‘Come and see the human,’
The Ringmonster often cries,
‘If you get real close you can,
See the fear in their eyes!

‘Look at the human,
How it runs away!’
Yes, you might try and run
But his show is here to stay.

The Ringmonster has a circus,
And it is your town,
His audience will laugh at you,
For they see you as a clown.


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