Karl the Kangaroo


This was originally a prose story, but I thought it’d work better as a poem.

Karl the Kangaroo,
Was a well-known name,
He owned a company,
That made mobile games,

He was very rich,
And he wore a smart suit,
You may think that funny,
But he wasn’t so cute,

He didn’t hop,
Or bounce like a hare,
He’d walk down halls slowly,
With a vicious cold stare,

Karl had employees,
And he gave them pay,
But frequently denied them,
Necessary off-days,

He wouldn’t give them time off,
He ignored every plea,
From every worker who needed,
To see their family,

He silenced chatter,
And birthday greetings,
The room would turn cold,
When he went to his meetings,

The cloud that he brought,
Over workers was huge,
He was less a Skippy than
An Ebenezer Scrooge.

One worker, Rob, thought,
‘Perhaps he is bad,
Because deep down,
He’s really just sad.’

He went up to Karl,
And said, ‘Hello sir,
If you please, take a moment,
I want a quick word,

‘I know that you’re gloomy,
And you never laugh,
And I believe it has something
To do with your past,

‘Something happened to you,
In your childhood,
I believe if you tell me,
Then you’ll feel good.’

Rob fully expected
To be fired right away,
But Karl told a story,
Of his joey days,

When he was very young,
His mother left him, she did,
He didn’t sit in a pouch,
Like the other kids,

This inspired him,
To become a success,
To show his mother,
That he was the best,

But remembering his lonely
Childhood years,
Made Karl lie down,
And burst into tears,

But he said to Robert,
As he rubbed his eyes,
‘How would you like to
Have a pay rise?

‘There’s just one thing
You have to do,
Which’ll make me a happy

Karl had a smile
Replace his frown,
When Rob lifted him up,
And jumped up and down.


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