The Lemon Possum vs. Karl the Kangaroo


This story features the Lemon Possum from The Lemon Possum, The Lemon Possum 2 and The Lemon Possum’s Evil Easter and Karl the Kangaroo from Karl the Kangaroo.

The Lemon Possum was on her phone,
Looking for a game,
One that was popular and had,
Lots of fame,

The number one game,
That week was a hit,
Had several reviews,
With people praising it,

‘Who made this game?’
The possum asked herself,
‘I’ll make them make a game,
That’ll promote me and bad health!’

Kangaroo Games was who
Made this certain app,
The Lemon Possum smiled,
And went off in a flash,

Over to the offices
Of Kangaroo Games,
Her grin full of malice,
Her eyes full of flames,

She went to the head honcho,
Who was a kangaroo,
His name was Karl,
He asked ‘Who are you?’

‘I’m the Lemon Possum,
And I am so neat,
I’ve an idea for a game,
That’ll tell kids what to eat!

‘It’ll tell them to eat choccies,
Sugar and snacks,
And I’ll then give them those,
I’ll give them stacks!

‘People always listen
To what their phones have to say,
So they’ll believe
That I’m saving the day!

‘Fruit and vegetables,
Will then be outlawed,
And everyone in the world,
Will make me their god!’

This evil plan
Did not impress Karl,
Who responded to it,
With a growl and a snarl,

‘That’s a terrible idea!
A terrible app!
What makes you think
We’ll be making that?’

‘Because I’m magic,’
Said the Possum with pride,
‘I can use my powers to
Rip out your insides!’

Karl laughed at the Possum,
Then ripped off his shirt,
‘No, I think it is I,
Who’ll bring you lots of hurt!

‘I think it is I,
Who will beat you today,
Us kangaroos fight,
I practice MMA!’


The Possum said, ‘Ha,
You think you can beat me?’
She floated in the air,
And blew a raspberry,

But then Karl kicked her
Right in the face,
He used his strength to throw her
Straight out of the place,

The Lemon Possum
Was then left in a daze,
Now Candy Crush,
Is the only game that she plays.


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