The Cow’s Cake


Helen the cow,
Was bored of her farm,
Water and grass,
Had lost their charm,

Then she saw the farmer,
With a giant cake,
She then got inspired,
And decided to make,

A great big dessert,
With a fine taste and look,
So she went into the farmhouse,
To the recipe book,

She got eggs from the chickens,
Flour from the shelf,
And the milk,
She provided herself,

The farmer tasted her cake,
And he liked it a lot,
He then asked her,
‘What else have you got?’

So Helen baked tonnes more cakes,
And they were the best,
She sold them by the tonne,
And she took requests,

She made cakes for weddings,
Cupcakes for birthdays,
Cakes shaped like characters,
From the latest kids’ craze,

But one request,
She didn’t like one bit,
She was offended so much,
She just up and quit,

This one request,
That made her cease:
‘Can I have some cupcakes,
Shaped like hamburgers please?’


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