The World’s Best Pizza Place

One day I was hungry,
But I didn’t want to cook,
So I went to my computer,
And online I took a look,

At what was said to be,
The World’s Best Pizza Place,
So I could order something,
With which to stuff my face,

The website said, ‘Our pizzas,
They really are the best,
Our pizzas are so much more,
Livelier than the rest!’

This sounded tempting,
So from them I did buy,
It was quite pricy,
But was worth a try.

They brought me my pizza,
And when I opened the box,
It then spoke to me,
It was quite a shock,

‘Please don’t eat me,
Let me live in your home,
It looks pretty nice,
A fine place to own.’

Well, the Pizza Place did
Just as it should,
It made the world’s best pizzas,
They made them too good.


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