One Day I Saw A Robot

One day I saw a robot,
Who had a big square head,
As well as pointed rusted fangs,
And eyes glowing bright red,

He was quite a big robot,
He stood about eight feet tall,
And when he came into the room,
He burst right through the wall.

Slowly he approached me,
And let loose a loud roar,
He grabbed me with his right hand,
For his left hand was a claw,

He looked at me and growled and snarled,
‘I’m going to kill you!’
Then the robot added,
‘Well, how did I do?’

I could only sigh at him,
‘Sorry, you failed the test.
You weren’t all that scary,
And you didn’t give your best.

‘I don’t see you scaring heroes,
Their spines you won’t be chilling!’
The robot then said, ‘Fine!
I’ll look for another supervillain!

‘I wonder if Dr. Meow is hiring…’


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