My Haunted Home


There’s something special about my home,
For I do not live here alone,
This house is haunted by many a ghost,
And these are the people I hang out with the most,

There’s a spectral mare who has lots of fun,
Through the halls she likes to run,
And she can speak, this ghostly horse,
We like to chat while watching sports,

A hanged man’s corpse floats through the air,
Of current events he is very aware,
We often talk about the news,
Things more painful than his noose.

There’s a giant flying skull with flaming eyes,
And he likes to make us apple pies,
As well as lots of cakes and bread,
Using the oven that is his head,

These three ghosts I just told you about,
They watch as I write this poem out,
All of three of them shake their heads and say, ‘Shame,
Have you forgotten that we have names?’

(The horse is named Emma, the hanged man is Jimmy and the skull is Stan Skulton. I gave his full name because he’s got a cook book coming out, Brain Food: Using Your Head When Cooking)


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