Recurring Character Index

There are many stories and poems on The Weird Writings of Gareth Barsby, and it’s not unusual for certain characters to make return appearances or for characters from one story to interact with characters from another. This is an index of the most recurring characters you’ll find in this blog and the stories in which they appear (only characters who have appeared in three stories or more will be listed).

The Lemon Possum


A mysterious possum with the power to make sweets and treats materialise from thin air. She may seem cute at first, but she has diabolical intent.

The Lemon Possum
The Lemon Possum 2
The Lemon Possum’s Evil Easter
The Lemon Possum vs. Karl the Kangaroo
The Lemon Possum vs. Karl the Kangaroo Round 2
Derek in Wonderland
A Christmas Poem for July

Karl the Kangaroo


A talking kangaroo who owns a mobile game company, and is known by his workers to be a miserable and misery creature. There is, however, more to him than most people know.

Karl the Kangaroo
The Lemon Possum vs. Karl the Kangaroo
The Kangaroo and the Comedian
Karl’s Daughter
The Lemon Possum vs. Karl the Kangaroo Round 2
Karl Kangaroo’s Christmas Extravaganza
Derek in Wonderland
Father-Daughter Time

The Mad Hatter


A demonic creature that bases his appearance and methods off of Lewis Carroll’s famous haberdasher, tempting people to come to his beautiful but deadly Wonderland.

Dear Susan
The Garden of Live Flowers
The Rabbit
The March Hare
Derek in Wonderland

Lisa the Pizza Woman


Lisa is a woman with a pizza slice for a head and a body made out of mozzarella, the result of the marriage between a human woman and a talking pizza. Life has been hard for her, as she fears melting and people wanting to eat her.

Even More Nightmare Rhymes (the first appearance of Lisa’s girlfriend Natalie)
The World’s Best Pizza Place (where Lisa’s dad comes from)
Pizza Woman
Night of the Pumpkin Woman
Karl Kangaroo’s Christmas Extravaganza
Father’s Day

Be sure to also check out her very own Kindle book Pizza Woman!

Dr. Meow


Dr. Meow was a human scientist who was transformed into an anthropomorphic cat due to a failed experiment. She came to embrace this transformation, for she could see advantages she could use to vanquish superheroes and control the world.

The Evil Dr. Meow
The Magnificent Mega Rat
An Old Friend from University
A Night Out

Also make sure to check out her panto: Dynamic Doggie vs. Dr. Meow!

Anne the Duck


Anne is a nineteen-year-old girl studying at Doford University. She likes reading, video games, and wishes to be more confident and social. She’s also a talking duck in a world ruled by animals, her boyfriend is a snake who’s also an aspiring horror writer, and she even ends up encountering real ghosts and monsters.

A Duck and a Turtle
A Duck, a Snake and a Ghost
A Duck, a Snake and a Costume Shop
A Duck, a Snake and Valentine’s Day

Be sure to also check out her book The Adventures of a Duck!

Bert and Jenny


When she was six, Jenny Sayers found a little lost monster in the woods and took him in. Ten years later, he’s still living with her, making money off of writing articles online, no closer to finding his home. Yet there still may be hope…

Jenny and the Monster
Jenny and the Monster’s Christmas
The Day Frollo Took Over Wonderland (Jenny only)
Reflections (features their arch-enemy Dana)
Karl Kangaroo’s Christmas Extravaganza (Bert only)

Ricky Raven


The descendant of a certain famous Poe character, Ricky would rather sing happy songs than terrify humans.

Ricky Raven
Ricky Raven Meets a Horror Writer
Karl Kangaroo’s Christmas Extravaganza

Patty, the Demon in the Supermarket


Patty is a demon who was so lazy in Hell, she was stripped of her powers and banished to Earth. She can, however, be active and determined when she wants to be, not that that’s always a good thing.

The Demon in the Supermarket
Derek in Wonderland
Father-Daughter Time



A young artist who opened a portal to another world through her art, and gained two henchmen.

Flab and Glob
Fun With Henchmen
Return of the Evil Queen
Father-Daughter Time

Dom Claude Frollo


The antagonist of Victor Hugo’s immortal Notre Dame de Paris; though the book ended with him being murdered by his adopted son, he lived on in the minds of those who read his story.

The Day Frollo Took Over Wonderland
Karl Kangaroo’s Christmas Extravaganza
The Return of Frollo

The Slithering Super Snakes


Whitman, Tennyson, Blake and Shelley, a quartet of mutated snakes dedicated to fighting crime. Heroes to some, nightmares to others.

Animal Superheroes
Collector’s Item
The Mad Scientist’s Daughter
Revenge of the Mad Scientist’s Daughter

The Ringmonster


A beast who sees the whole world as his circus. To him, the greatest show is Earth.

The Ringmonster
The Nightmare Man
Return of the Ringmonster
Clown Free Zone

Elaine and her Father

A girl and her father who will no longer allow her to eat sweets.

Why I Don’t Buy My Daughter Sweets Anymore
Magic Chocolates
Jenny and the Monster’s Christmas



Easter Index


Some of these stories may include violence and foul language.


The Lemon Possum
 A possum named Bill has eaten little but garbage all his life, but then a special possum introduces him to a new eating sensation.

Nightmare Rhymes
Your favourite childhood nursery rhymes given a terrifying makeover.

Maisy the Happy Fairy
Can a cute little fairy bring joy to a dark and creepy forest?

The Lemon Possum 2
The Lemon Possum finds a new victim.


The White Rabbit’s New Job
That famous rabbit is late one too many times.

The Scarecrow and Mrs. Hen
A hen sees a scarecrow come to life; what is its purpose?

Fred the Vampire Fox
The most feared animal of them all…or is there something worse out there? (mentions of blood)


The Easter Bunny’s a Mad Scientist
The Easter Bunny creates a creature to make his job easier.

The Lemon Possum’s Evil Easter
The Lemon Possum returns to ruin Easter.

The Lemon Possum vs. Karl the Kangaroo
The battle of the century.


The Cow’s Cake
Helen the cow aspires to be a baker.

The Haunted Farm
Why go to a farm filled with monsters?

Easter Egg Hunt in the Haunted House
A holiday tradition made horrific.

Short Stories

The Easter Werewolf
The Easter Bunny becomes a werewolf.

Why I Don’t Buy My Daughter Sweets Anymore
What happens when a little girl wants a chocolate monster for Easter.

Barking Benjamin’s Easter Special
A cartoon dog attempts to spread Easter Cheer (some language)

Heck Comes to Sloofiewoof Land
The once-cheerful Oozie has turned his beautiful world into a miserable wasteland; can a spectral rabbit convince him to restore Sloofiewoof Land to its former glory? (some violence)


The Chocolate Egg
The tale of an Easter surprise (some language).

The Day Frollo Took Over Wonderland
The long-awaited crossover.

The Lemon Possum vs. Karl the Kangaroo Round 2
The Lemon Possum returns to get revenge on Karl, and this time, she isn’t kidding around.

The Hunter
A sheep finds himself in a familiar but distorted world, pursued by a sinister creature. (some bloody violence)

The Jigsaw Puzzle
The story of a jigsaw puzzle, and what happens what it’s completed…

The Garden of Live Flowers
Flowers can be good friends.


The Monsters of Bremen
A group of four undead animals look for their place in the world (some blood).

The Rabbit
An unpleasant Easter surprise.

Easter’s Greatest Villain
A cruel businessman wants to steal Easter.

The March Hare
The Mad Hatter’s best friend as you’ve never seen him before.

Christmas Index


Hello everyone, and happy one week until Christmas! I hope you’re all enjoying Karl Kangaroo’s Christmas Extravaganza. Also in the spirit of the season, I have decided to make an index of all the holiday-themed stories on this blog to get you into the Yuletide spirit:




A Clown at Christmas
A clown and his holiday angst.

Daryl and Susie’s Christmas
A dragon and his adopted daughter face a festive monster.

We Think of Christmas in November
Why do we think of Christmas early?

Christmas with Danny the Camel and Julie the Rat
What do you get the rat that has everything?

A Wolf’s Christmas List
An unexpected letter to Santa. (mentions of violence)

I Brought A Snowman to Life One Day
There’s more than one way to bring a snowman to life.

Santa’s Pets
Santa keeps more than just reindeer.


Short Stories


A Gift For Christmas
A snake in a reptile house tries to understand Christmas.

Do You Have A Favourite Toy? (Horror at the Panto #1)
Magic Chocolates (Horror at the Panto #2)
Everybody Loves The Baddie (Horror at the Panto #3)
Three stories about a pantomime…and the supernatural horrors it brings…

Jenny and the Monster’s Christmas
Has Bert the monster finally found his home? (some language)

Mr. Deer Man
An encounter with a hybrid of man and deer. (some violence)

Heck Comes to Sloofiewoof Land
The once-cheerful Oozie has turned his beautiful world into a miserable wasteland; can a spectral rabbit convince him to restore Sloofiewoof Land to its former glory? (some violence)

Lisa the Pizza Woman faces her fairy godmother.

Two Christmas Trees
A real tree and an animatronic tree have a conversation.


The Mouse Queen
A retelling of a Christmas classic, where mice get revenge on humanity and only a certain device can stop them.

The Elf
The creepy tale of a creepy decoration.

Karl Kangaroo’s Christmas Extravaganza
Lisa the Pizza Woman is to sing during Karl’s Christmas show, but then finds herself having to save it from evil.


Christmas Books



Santa Claus never lived at the North Pole; he lives and operates in Purgatory. He brings presents to those that have not yet ascended to Heaven in order to give them hope. His elves and reindeer are the spirits of those who died during Christmas.

Meet his newest recruit, Randall, a Christmas-loving human turned into a confused and curious reindeer. It’s bad enough for Randall that he now has to live in a world where happiness and saccharine is forced onto him daily, but then he learns that the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come has history with Santa, and a crooked man is practicing necromancy so as to ruin Santa’s operation.

Can Randall thwart the evil plan and save the holiday he loves?

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Little Louis Lumpton is excited about all the presents he’ll receive on Christmas…but he’s also dreading the arrival of his Aunt Laura, who gives him nothing but socks as a gift. However, one Christmas Eve, he receives a visit from the Ghost of Christmas Socks, who attempts to teach him that getting socks for Christmas isn’t that bad.

A short, 700 word story that should amuse kids, adults and anyone who’s ever hated getting socks for Christmas.

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