My Ko-Fi Page
If you like my writing, buy me a coffee!

My Redbubble Store
Buy a T-Shirt or a mug with my designs!

My Fiverr Page
If you want me to write you a story or draw you a picture for just a fiver, step this way.

Daryl and Susie
My very own webcomic, featuring a dragon with monsters that come out of his head.

My HubPages Page
Featuring poetry and reviews

The Mummy
A piece of flash fiction I wrote on Every Day Publishing.

Bunbury Magazine Issue 03
My short story, “The Haunted House” got published in this issue.

My Creepypasta Submissions for Bogleech:
Big Betty
The Haunted Videos
The Surgeon
A Creepypasta About Trying to Write A Creepypasta
Curses B We
The Ghostly Rose
The Haunted Library
I Hate Snowmen
Henry’s Haunted Halloween Page
The Big Emptiness After Death

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