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The Werewolf Asylum

A novelette of lycanthropy and insanity. In Victorian England, there is a special institution where two men intend to help lycanthropes suppress their nocturnal transformations, while searching for a more permanent cure. One evening, they discover a rare type of werewolf – one trapped eternally in a half-human, half-wolf form – that they believe could be beneficial to their research.

‘Martha’, however, believing her shape is due to her being a Messiah to her brethren, wishes to see the other werewolves embrace their curse. Can she be treated and cured? Or will her ‘Lord’ have his way?

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Barking Benjamin

Remember the stories from your childhood? Remember the fairy tales, the cartoons, and the talking animals? What if they were real? And what if there was more to their worlds than you knew?

Gareth Barsby (The Werewolf Asylum) offers this anthology of childish stories with a darker twist. A teenage wolf fears the dreaded “Hood”. A rat learns about the seedier side of showbiz. A biker finds a talking alligator invading his home. A man with a strange power seeks the Ring of Charlemagne.

And what do all these heroes have in common? They are all being observed by Barking Benjamin, a cartoon dog who wants the halcyon days of his past to return…

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Mr. Movie Maker

Everything that has ever been imagined, every story that has ever been told, every character that has been created exists in another plane of reality. And someone’s about to use this to his advantage.

A world of anthropomorphic wolves is invaded by a horror movie slasher. An aspiring children’s book author sees visions of a world entirely of her own creation. A man with the ability to sense the supernatural is visited by beings from other worlds.

All of this is because of the machinations of the mysterious Mr. Movie Maker, who plans to spread his influence over any worlds he can find. Read how his plans unfurl in this novella set two years after the events of short story collection Barking Benjamin.

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Santa Claus never lived at the North Pole; he lives and operates in Purgatory. He brings presents to those that have not yet ascended to Heaven in order to give them hope. His elves and reindeer are the spirits of those who died during Christmas.

Meet his newest recruit, Randall, a Christmas-loving human turned into a confused and curious reindeer. It’s bad enough for Randall that he now has to live in a world where happiness and saccharine is forced onto him daily, but then he learns that the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come has history with Santa, and a crooked man is practicing necromancy so as to ruin Santa’s operation.

Can Randall thwart the evil plan and save the holiday he loves?

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The Adventures of a Duck

Anne is a nineteen-year-old girl studying at Doford University. She likes reading, video games, and wishes to be more confident and social.

She’s also a talking duck in a world ruled by animals, her boyfriend is a snake who’s also an aspiring horror writer, and she even ends up encountering real ghosts and monsters.

A selection of short stories about Anne the Duck and the weird world she inhabits.

This anthology includes A Duck and a TurtleA Duck, a Snake and a Ghost and new stories about the adventures of Anne the Duck!

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The Ghost of Christmas Socks

Little Louis Lumpton is excited about all the presents he’ll receive on Christmas…but he’s also dreading the arrival of his Aunt Laura, who gives him nothing but socks as a gift. However, one Christmas Eve, he receives a visit from the Ghost of Christmas Socks, who attempts to teach him that getting socks for Christmas isn’t that bad.

A short, 700 word story that should amuse kids, adults and anyone who’s ever hated getting socks for Christmas.

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Pizza Woman

There once was a woman named Lisa,
And she could never find peace,
She was a woman whose head was a pizza,
And her body was made out of cheese…

Lisa was born with a pizza for a head and so she can’t go outside without someone either mocking her or trying to eat her. She spends most of her time alone in her home, pondering on her loneliness and how she came to be. Thankfully, she makes a new friend, just as unusual as she, who encourages her talents.

An expanded version of my Pizza Woman poem with NEW illustrations!

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Tell Me A Tale

My short story “The Guardian” got published in this anthology.

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The Undead of Winter

My story “Fear of the Future”, where the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come saves Santa, was published in this anthology.

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Typewriter Emergencies

My story “The Vulture’s Ghost”, about a vulture and his spectral “friend”, was published in this anthology.

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Clawsome Dragon Limericks

A limerick I wrote was put in this book and made finalist.

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My story “The Fox”,  the story of The Gingerbread Man from another perspective, was published in Erebus Press’ After Lines anthology.

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Organic Ink Volume 1

Three poems of mine are published in this anthology.

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The Little Shark – The Pantomime

My story The Little Shark, adapted into a pantomime script. Recommended to those looking for something to perform during the festive season.

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Dynamic Doggie vs. Dr. Meow – The Pantomime

Another pantomime for performance, this one focusing on a dog gaining superpowers and battling the evil Dr. Meow.

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