Some of these stories may include violence, foul language, crude humour and elements some readers may find disturbing.

Short Stories
Longer Stories

Short Stories

The Monster Under My Daughter’s Bed
A man finds out the truth about what lurks under his daughter’s bed.

A Gift For Christmas
A snake in a reptile house tries to understand Christmas.

Two Cats
A stray cat meets another stray cat, one that may be hiding something.

Three feline siblings are looking for a cook (some violence).

The Easter Werewolf
The Easter Bunny becomes a werewolf.

Why I Don’t Buy My Daughter Sweets Anymore
What happens when a little girl wants a chocolate monster for Easter.

Barking Benjamin’s Easter Special
A cartoon dog attempts to spread Easter Cheer (some language)

They Only Laughed ‘Cause I Was Drunk
When making someone laugh can seem like a matter of life or death.

The Monsters’ Party
There’s a party for monsters in the old haunted house…but there’s more to it than meets the eye.
A Duck and a Turtle
A young duck wants to make friends; will she find one in this turtle? (some language)

An Old Friend From University
A man tracks down his old friend from university, but her current line of work may surprise you…

A Horrible Wail
A monster’s undeserved punishment.

Do You Have A Favourite Toy? (Horror at the Panto #1)
Magic Chocolates (Horror at the Panto #2)
Everybody Loves The Baddie (Horror at the Panto #3)
Three stories about a pantomime…and the supernatural horrors it brings…

Jenny and the Monster
Once upon a time, a little girl befriended a monster. Ten years later, the monster is still living in her basement ( some language).

The Gryphon
A gryphon from a magical land searches for her lost brother…who is the Gryphon from Alice in Wonderland.

Jenny and the Monster’s Christmas
Has Bert finally found his home? (some language)

Mr. Deer Man
An encounter with a hybrid of man and deer. (some violence)

Body and Soul
A supervillain’s robot henchwoman becomes human, which she may end up regretting.
Heck Comes to Sloofiewoof Land
The once-cheerful Oozie has turned his beautiful world into a miserable wasteland; can a spectral rabbit convince him to restore Sloofiewoof Land to its former glory? (some violence)

The Chocolate Egg
The tale of an Easter surprise (some language).

The Day Frollo Took Over Wonderland
The long-awaited crossover.

A Duck, a Snake and a Ghost
Anne the duck makes a new friend, one who helps introduce her to the Slithering Snake Spectre.

A literally monstrous hitwoman reflects on her life and family.

Percy and Katie
Two butterflies explore the wider world.

The Living House
A search for a living house with surprising results (some language).

The Kangaroo and the Comedian
Karl the Kangaroo returns and a comedy show reveals a bit more about his past.

Dorothy Lost
A retelling of a classic story, where Dorothy finds herself in a confusing world full of bizarre creatures.

Time Passes Quickly
A ghost and her reflections on her afterlife.

Karl’s Daughter
Karl the Kangaroo once adopted a little kangaroo called Sadie…and it led to the worst moment of his life ( some language).

The Lemon Possum vs. Karl the Kangaroo Round 2
The Lemon Possum returns to get revenge on Karl, and this time, she isn’t kidding around.


The Bowling Ball People
What was supposed to be a night at the lanes becomes a journey to another dimension.

An encounter with a certain type of vampire.

Joke Books
Talk about a situation that’s beyond a joke. (some crude humour)

The Hunter
A sheep finds himself in a familiar but distorted world, pursued by a sinister creature. (some bloody violence)


Night of the Pumpkin Woman
A demonic creature is summoned, but for what purpose? (mention of blood)

I Love October
October is a very special month for some people.

A Duck, a Snake and a Costume Shop
Anne the duck and Harry the snake get a sinister surprise when they go costume shopping.

Lisa the Pizza Woman faces her fairy godmother.

Two Christmas Trees
A real tree and an animatronic tree have a conversation.


The Mouse Queen
A retelling of a Christmas classic, where mice get revenge on humanity and only a certain device can stop them.

The Elf
The creepy tale of a creepy decoration.

Karl Kangaroo’s Christmas Extravaganza
Lisa the Pizza Woman is to sing during Karl’s Christmas show, but then finds herself having to save it from evil.


Dear Susan
A woman finds out a dark secret about her ex-boyfriend (foul language, crude humour and violence).

The Museum
A young woman comes across a special museum with a monstrous guide (foul language and crude humour)

A Spider’s Solitude
A spider only wishes to be alone, away from humans…though he may have more in common with humanity than he thinks.

A Duck, a Snake and Valentine’s Day
Anne and Harry’s plans for Valentine’s Day go awry.

The Jigsaw Puzzle
The story of a jigsaw puzzle, and what happens what it’s completed…

The Garden of Live Flowers
Flowers can be good friends.


The Monsters of Bremen
A group of four undead animals look for their place in the world (some blood).

My Roommate is a Comic Character
A relatable story (some crude humour).

A Night Out
A story told by a certain supervillain’s robot assistant.

The Rabbit
An unpleasant Easter surprise.

Easter’s Greatest Villain
A cruel businessman wants to steal Easter.


The March Hare
The Mad Hatter’s best friend as you’ve never seen him before.

Silly Bunny
A magic trick doesn’t go as planned.

The Sandman and the Student
Not getting enough sleep is bad for you.

Succeed or Sustain
The worst game show ever.


A Glass of Beer
A space alien and her secret (contains violence, alcohol and some sexual references).

Bats Rats and Spiders
Ghosts come in all shapes and sizes.

The Return of Frollo
The stories you wrote when you were young still have merit.


Flab and Glob
When art truly comes alive.

Fun With Henchmen
What would you do if you had monsters who obeyed you?

Animal Superheroes
Being an evil scientist isn’t that much fun… (contains violence and death)

Return of the Evil Queen
A bizarre world and its sinister secret.


Father’s Day
What can Lisa get for her Dad?

Father-Daughter Time
Nothing like spending some time with your dad…

Collector’s Item
Crime doesn’t pay (contains violence and death).


The Mad Scientist’s Daughter
A woman seeks to get revenge on a certain superheroic quartet (contains violence and death).

Revenge of the Mad Scientist’s Daughter
The final battle between good and evil (contains violence and death).

Why Couldn’t The Dog Die?
A mystery that can’t be solved.

Clown Free Zone
You can’t escape clowns.


A Cow Remembers Cakes
Helen the cow ponders on a choice she made.

The Adventures of the Rancid Rocking Rodents
The Slithering Super Snakes return, and witness another animal superhero team (contains violence and death).

Gina and the Demons
Gina the doe wishes for her simpler life back (includes death, violence and references to alcohol).

The Canal Creatures
Even a relaxing cruise can turn chaotic.

Do You Like My Pumpkin Head?
A famous literary character, his prized possession and the sacrifice he had to make to get it.


Imagine if frogs really could turn into princesses… (some nudity)

Looking for Ghosts
A certain bat looks for a certain rat and a certain spider (some death).

Emily’s House of Horrors
Gina the doe ends up in a haunted house of horrors.

The Ghost Train
Not just a fairground ride.


The Lemon Possum’s Funhouse
Karl has a frightful night.

My Haunted Memories
A certain ghostly mare remembers her life.

Jolly Jungleland
Ever wanted to escape into a world you created?

Saving Christmas
What if you had a chance to save Christmas?


Getting Ready for Christmas Early
It’s never too early for some Christmas fun.

Ronald the Robin
A story about a very photogenic bird.

Scarecrows and Snowmen
They have a lot in common.

Ghostly Goings-On
Inspiration can be found in the strangest of places.


Sandy the Salamander
A character from a seafood restaurant’s kids’ menu escapes in search of new horizons.

Heroes and Villains
Dr. Meow and Bert find themselves on an unusual game show.

Say Something
Bert the robot remembers something he wants to forget (contains suicide).

Talk to Someone
Bert feels like he needs guidance – has he found it? (contains suicide)

Henrietta Hedgehog
A toy finds stardom.


The Wonders of Planet Earth
The story of a reptilian bounty hunter who wants to know who and what he is.

The Constellation Crusaders vs. Team Universe
The battle between two rival space hero teams.

The Other Offer
The Reptilian makes a new enemy.


The Right Moment
A childhood nightmare come alive.

A Fright on Father’s Day
Even monsters acknowledge the day.

A Little Levity
Everyone needs some.


Bug-Eyes’ Fantastical Adventure
An intergalactic criminal with robotic eyes goes on a magical adventure in a fantasy kingdom.

Emily and the Mad Hatter
Two creatures with similar magics have a confrontation.

Dana and the Ringmonster
A meeting between two monsters.


The Ruined Realm of Ronald Ratface
The lonely guardian of an abandoned park.

Larry the Clown
A different type of job offer.

Demons on Halloween
They have important jobs to do on that day.

Patty the Christmas Demon
Patty has a friend over.

Christmas With Ronald Ratface
Paying a friend a festive visit.


Bug-Eyes’ Christmas
An epilogue for the Supervillainverse, where Bug-Eyes has a very special Christmas.

A Monster New Year
Bert the Monster rings in the New Year.

The Cartoon Character And His Nephew
A neglected character tells her story.

The Poison in the Wine
The perfect murder (contains violence).


Patty and the Mad Hatter
A demon has a conversation with something even more sinister.

You’re A Failure, Gwen
Gwen faces her demons, with a little help from another demon.

The New Puppets
The theme park has something new.


Ronald Ratface vs. Mary Nette
Who’s pulling the strings?

Georgia and the Castle Ruins
What secrets lie in the old grounds?

A Rat and a Mouse
An anthropomorphic rat wants to be a comedian (contains crude humour and harassment).


Night of the Lemon Possum
A familiar figure is out to cause more trouble.

A Rat Vs. A Mouse
A sick punchline to a sick joke (contains harassment and foul language)

Monstrous Mansion
Your new favourite show.

The Pterodactyl and the Robot
Two creations have a conversation about their being.


The Robot Dog
A superhero’s faithful sidekick.

A woman has a surprising guest over (includes death, violence and references to suicide and murder).

Longer Stories

The Little Shark

A retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid, starring a shark named Derek. Derek is sick of being a shark and after saving a human from drowning, decides he wants to be human himself. He is made human thanks to the experiments of a scientific sea-witch, yet all is not well…

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12

Daryl and Denise

A tale of two dragons; a former minion of the evil witch Aosoth looking to start a new life, and a heroine saving her world from evil despite the prejudice levelled her way. These two are brought together when Aosoth is resurrected, and Denise may know something about Daryl he doesn’t… (some violence)

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Chapter 17
Chapter 18
Chapter 19
Chapter 20
Chapter 21
Chapter 22
Chapter 23
Chapter 24
Chapter 25



Set after the fairy tale The Three Billy Goats Gruff, Big Billy Goat Gruff discovers a tribe of goats fighting against the dark magick of the Queen of Trolls. When his siblings get captured by the Queen, Big joins with the tribe to free them and defeat the Queen, but things may be darker than they seem (strong language, violence, sex and scenes some readers may find disturbing).

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8


Derek in Wonderland

A sequel to The Little Shark, where Derek finds himself in a bizarre world with a monstrous ruler, and another not-so-welcome face. (contains some violence and blood)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


The Supervillainverse Finale

The final chapter in the Supervillainverse, where Bug-Eyes tests out her new ability, fears are faced and Bert the robot must make a decision (contains violence and reference to suicide).

Supervillainverse Finale Part 1 – The Gift
Supervillainverse Finale Part 2 – The Dog
Supervillainverse Finale Part 3 – The Decision