The Supervillainverse


Ever wonder what kind of comic books they read in The Weirdverse? Well, they’re a portal to an even more bizarre universe full of mutants and monsters, mad scientists and machines, a number of creatures bent on destruction and world domination. True, this world has heroes, people with powers who soar across the sky, but in most of these poems and stories, the villains are the main focus.

Some of these stories and poems may include violence, foul language, crude humour and elements some readers may find disturbing.

The Evil Dr. Meow
A mad scientist mutates herself into an anthropomorphic cat, which could be what she needs to conquer the world.

The Magnificent Mega Rat
A rodent becomes a superhero and attempts to save the day.

An Old Friend From University
A man tracks down his old friend from university, but her current line of work may surprise you…

Body and Soul
A supervillain’s robot henchwoman becomes human, which she may end up regretting.

Daryl and Denise

A tale of two dragons; a former minion of the evil witch Aosoth looking to start a new life, and a heroine saving her world from evil despite the prejudice levelled her way. These two are brought together when Aosoth is resurrected, and Denise may know something about Daryl he doesn’t… (some violence)

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One Day I Saw A Robot
The day I met a vicious, murderous robot.

A Night Out
A story told by a certain supervillain’s robot assistant.

A Glass of Beer
A space alien and her secret (contains violence, alcohol and some sexual references).


Animal Superheroes
Being an evil scientist isn’t that much fun… (contains violence and death)

Collector’s Item
Crime doesn’t pay (contains violence and death).

The Mad Scientist’s Daughter
A woman seeks to get revenge on a certain superheroic quartet (contains violence and death).

Revenge of the Mad Scientist’s Daughter
The final battle between good and evil (contains violence and death).

The Adventures of the Rancid Rocking Rodents
The Slithering Super Snakes return, and witness another animal superhero team (contains violence and death).


In The Abandoned Laboratory
…something lurks.

The Mad Scientists Are Having A Party
The weirdest bash in town.

I Built Myself A Robot Body
An evil scientist becomes more dangerous.


Getting Ready for Christmas Early
It’s never too early for some Christmas fun.

The Mad Scientist’s Punishment
A punishment that fits the crime.

(hosted on Bogleech) A team of spacefaring heroes encounter their ultimate nemesis.

Ghostly Goings-On
Inspiration can be found in the strangest of places.


Heroes and Villains
Dr. Meow and Bert find themselves on an unusual game show.

Say Something
Bert the robot remembers something he wants to forget (contains suicide).

Talk to Someone
Bert feels like he needs guidance – has he found it? (contains suicide)


The Wonders of Planet Earth
The story of a reptilian bounty hunter who wants to know who and what he is.

The Scary Superhero
Not all superheroes are cheerful.

The Constellation Crusaders vs. Team Universe
The battle between two rival space hero teams.


The Other Offer
The Reptilian makes a new enemy.

A Little Levity
Everyone needs some.

Bug-Eyes’ Fantastical Adventure
An intergalactic criminal with robotic eyes goes on a magical adventure in a fantasy kingdom.


The Supervillainverse Finale

The final chapter in the Supervillainverse, where Bug-Eyes tests out her new ability, fears are faced and Bert the robot must make a decision (contains violence and reference to suicide).

Supervillainverse Finale Part 1 – The Gift
Supervillainverse Finale Part 2 – The Dog
Supervillainverse Finale Part 3 – The Decision


Bug-Eyes’ Christmas
An epilogue for the Supervillainverse, where Bug-Eyes has a very special Christmas.


The Return of Darkedge
(hosted on Bogleech) Darkedge does some research.

The Robot Dog
A superhero’s faithful sidekick.