The Weirdverse


Many stories and poems on The Weird Writings of Gareth Barsby are stand-alone stories and take place in their own universe, but there are plenty that are connected to other stories and have characters from one story meet up with characters from another story. Karl the Kangaroo, the Lemon Possum, Lisa the Pizza Woman and Patty the Demon are just some of the weird and wacky characters you’ll encounter in this world. Here is a list of all the stories and poems that take place in “The Weirdverse” in chronological order.

Some of these stories and poems may include violence, foul language, crude humour and elements some readers may find disturbing.

The Lemon Possum
 A possum named Bill has eaten little but garbage all his life, but then a special possum introduces him to a new eating sensation.

Ricky Raven
The story of the descendant of a famous literary figure…and his dreams of becoming a singer.

The Monster Under My Daughter’s Bed
A man finds out the truth about what lurks under his daughter’s bed.

The Lemon Possum 2
The Lemon Possum finds a new victim.

Why I Don’t Buy My Daughter Sweets Anymore
What happens when a little girl wants a chocolate monster for Easter.

Do You Have A Favourite Toy? (Horror at the Panto #1)
Magic Chocolates (Horror at the Panto #2)
Everybody Loves The Baddie (Horror at the Panto #3)
Three stories about a pantomime…and the supernatural horrors it brings…

Jenny and the Monster
Once upon a time, a little girl befriended a monster. Ten years later, the monster is still living in her basement ( some language).

Jenny and the Monster’s Christmas
Has Bert finally found his home? (some language)

The Little Shark

A retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid, starring a shark named Derek. Derek is sick of being a shark and after saving a human from drowning, decides he wants to be human himself. He is made human thanks to the experiments of a scientific sea-witch, yet all is not well…

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
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Chapter 9
Chapter 10
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Chapter 12


The Lemon Possum’s Evil Easter
The Lemon Possum returns to ruin Easter.

The Ringmonster
Where is his circus?

The Day Frollo Took Over Wonderland
The long-awaited crossover.


Karl the Kangaroo
A kangaroo who owns a mobile games company makes his workers miserable…but why?

The Lemon Possum vs. Karl the Kangaroo
The battle of the century.

A literally monstrous hitwoman reflects on her life and family.

The World’s Best Pizza Place
A pizza place where the wares are a little too good.

The Kangaroo and the Comedian
Karl the Kangaroo returns and a comedy show reveals a bit more about his past.


Karl’s Daughter
Karl the Kangaroo once adopted a little kangaroo called Sadie…and it led to the worst moment of his life ( some language).

The Lemon Possum vs. Karl the Kangaroo Round 2
The Lemon Possum returns to get revenge on Karl, and this time, she isn’t kidding around.

Pizza Woman
The sad story of a woman with a pizza for a head.

Night of the Pumpkin Woman
A demonic creature is summoned, but for what purpose? (mention of blood)

Lisa the Pizza Woman faces her fairy godmother.


The Demon in the Supermarket
Why is a demon from Hell stocking shelves?

Ricky Raven Meets a Horror Writer
Ricky returns to help a conflicted horror writer.

Karl Kangaroo’s Christmas Extravaganza
Lisa the Pizza Woman is to sing during Karl’s Christmas show, but then finds herself having to save it from evil.


Dear Susan
A woman finds out a dark secret about her ex-boyfriend (foul language, crude humour and violence).

The Nightmare Man
Got a problem with nightmares? Give him a call.

The Garden of Live Flowers
Flowers can be good friends.

The Rabbit
An unpleasant Easter surprise.

The March Hare
The Mad Hatter’s best friend as you’ve never seen him before.


Derek in Wonderland

A sequel to The Little Shark, where Derek finds himself in a bizarre world with a monstrous ruler, and another not-so-welcome face. (contains some violence and blood)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

The Return of Frollo
The stories you wrote when you were young still have merit.


Flab and Glob
When art truly comes alive.

Fun With Henchmen
What would you do if you had monsters who obeyed you?

Return of the Evil Queen
A bizarre world and its sinister secret.


Father’s Day
What can Lisa get for her Dad?

Return of the Ringmonster
You’ve never rode a ghost train this scary.

A Christmas Poem for July
The Lemon Possum now sets her sights on Santa.

Father-Daughter Time
Nothing like spending some time with your dad…

Clown Free Zone
You can’t escape clowns.


The Tragedy of Gina the Jolly Fawn
Even cartoon characters can get depressed (includes alcohol and death)

Jawbreaker the Jester
What do you do when no-one finds you funny?

Gina and the Demons
Gina the doe wishes for her simpler life back (includes death, violence and references to alcohol).

My Friend Gina
Gina is still troubled; can a friend help her?

The Ringmonster’s Tunnel of Love
The Ringmonster’s latest attraction.

Imagine if frogs really could turn into princesses… (some nudity)


The Ringmonster’s Show
The Ringmonster wants to celebrate 100 poems in style!

The Duchess
She has a suggestion on how to make your life easier.

Emily’s House of Horrors
Gina the doe ends up in a haunted house of horrors.


The Lemon Possum’s Funhouse
Karl has a frightful night.

Gina the Jolly Reindeer
Haven’t you ever wanted to be a reindeer?

The Ringmonster at Christmas
A nasty Christmas surprise.


I Love the Demon in the Supermarket
Patty has a boyfriend.

Jawbreaker the Jester vs. A Comedian
Has Jawbreaker met his match?

The Ringmonster’s Circus Train
A set of wheels for the evil circus-master.


The Lemon Possum’s Party
The 200th poem of The Weird Writings, where the Lemon Possum plans a surprise for a friend.

The Lemon Possum’s Restaurant
The Lemon Possum branches out.

Emily and the Mad Hatter
Two creatures with similar magics have a confrontation.

Emily’s Poem
For the 250th poem, a certain evil Queen takes the stand.


Dana and the Ringmonster
A meeting between two monsters.

Demons on Halloween
They have important jobs to do on that day.

Patty the Christmas Demon
Patty has a friend over.

A Monster New Year
Bert the Monster rings in the New Year.


Lisa and Natalie
Lisa has someone special in her life.

Patty and the Mad Hatter
A demon has a conversation with something even more sinister.

You’re A Failure, Gwen
Gwen faces her demons, with a little help from another demon.

The Ringmonster’s New Act
The Ringmonster needs something special.


Night of the Lemon Possum
A familiar figure is out to cause more trouble.


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